Summer Activities in PEC

Alongside an experienced guide, explore the grounds of Macaulay Heritage Park, the historic estate of Reverend William Macaulay, who is credited with giving Picton its name. Tour the neighbouring graveyard at his former church, St. Mary Magdalene, and spot the unusual tombstone that’s in Ripley’s Believe or Not. The tour will make its way to the nearby courthouse, where you’ll explore the exercise yards, jail cells and gallows, most famously used in the 1884 hanging of two local men, a sentence some say was based on dubious evidence.

It’s the dog days of summer in The County. The beaches are packed, the grapes are ripening, the farm-stands are bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables, and our little island community nearly doubles with visitors. If you’re planning to visit and haven’t yet lined up accommodations or tours you’ll need to book asap as it’s that time of year when everyone is trying to soak up summer. Beyond the beach (which you’ll want to visit before 10am or after 4pm to avoid long waits and possible closures) you’ll find no shortage of local music, theatre, art exhibits, yoga classes, and flavours of ice cream to keep the whole family busy!

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