October 19: Shades of Allegiance: The Gerow Family

The speaker traces the Gerow Family from south western France as they flee from religious persecution as Huguenots to New York City at the dawn of the 18th century. The family flourishes in the New World until seeds of discord infect the populace. Three sons of the family are forced to choose their allegiance to the English or to a seductive new republicanism. What were the sons’ choices when fleeing political persecution and what were the consequences of their choice? For one of the sons, this choice includes throwing his lot in with a small colony of disaffected Americans to answer the call of Lieutenant – Governor Simcoe for settlers to the British Loyal Provinces. Members of the Alyea, Bogart, Bonter, Cole, Lent, Huff, Parliament, Peck, Roblin, Van Cott, Way, Wannamaker and Westerfeld families in addition to the Gerows may wish to attend as their ancestors were included in this colony that settled on the Bay of Quinte. The description of the Gerow’s experiences during the Revolution would echo their own.

Shades of Allegiance: The History of the Gerow Family during the American Revolution

Depiction by Thomas Davies of the British invasion at the Palisades on the morning of November 20, 1776, near Fort Lee, New Jersey.

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