COVID-19 Moving Forward

The Quinte West Public Library and the Quinte Branch Genealogical Library are closed until May 5, 2020, and probably longer. The next announcements with likely be made prior to 5 May. Opening or continuance of the closed status of these facilities at 7 Creswell Drive will be announced by the Municipal Government of Quinte West and the CEO of QWPL as necessary until services can be restored to normal.

Quinte West Public Library locations are closed to the public until at least May 5. The Genealogy Research Library is also closed, as it is part of the Quinte West Library complex. The Quinte Branch OGS presentations on April 18, May 16 and June 20 are cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. The Quinte Branch 40th Anniversary Celebration planned for June has been tentatively rescheduled to coincide with the Annual General Meeting on November 21, 2020. The Ontario Ancestors/OGS Conference (Vision 2020) scheduled for June 5-7 is cancelled and refunds are in the works. Registration fees can also be donated whole or in part to Ontario Ancestors/OGS. Contact Megan at [ ] to arrange this donation and a tax receipt will be issued.

In the interim, with respect to Public Facing Meeting policy of OGS during this COVID 19 event, Quinte Branch has decided and hereby announces that the monthly Branch Council Meetings normally held in QWPL every 2nd Thursday will continue as online virtual meetings, scheduled as required by the Chair Quinte Branch. Further, our educational and motivational presentations in the Council Chambers at 7 Creswell Drive each 3rd Saturday are cancelled for April 18, May 16 and June 20, followed by no meetings as per normal during the summer months of July and August. It is for our collective health and safety that these events have been changed or cancelled. It is hoped that by mid summer we will have sufficient information with which to plan our fall Programme. Speakers for the cancelled events will be rescheduled as their availability and our schedule permits.

For those who were aware of and looking forward to our Quinte Branch 40th Anniversary in June, we have tentatively rescheduled it in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting, for November 21, 2020.