The Knotted Rope

In your recent novel, The Knotted Rope, the protagonist lives in both the Indigenous and settler worlds. He was born white but adopted by the Oneida tribe. How does this unique perspective contribute to the main themes of the novel? Debbie Bateman interviews author Jean Rae Baxter for the online publication “The Artisanal Writer” …

The Artisanal Writer is an online magazine devoted to the Writer’s Craft, featuring an interview with a different writer each month. Jean Rae Baxter, UE is the April featured writer.  In the interview Jean describes her new book,  The Knotted Rope.  In this book, Jean explores Canada’s relationship to the struggle of the Indigenous peoples to retain what they could of their lands. The Knotted Rope deals with two questions. First is the question of slavery from a Canadian perspective and the second question relates to white settlement taking over the traditional lands of the Indigenous peoples.

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