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A Celebration of our 1867 Canadian Ancestors CD

A Celebration of our 1867 Canadian Ancestors

CD can be purchased at Quinte Branch – Cost: $10 each
Mail Orders: Please add $7 postage in Canada, $10 postage to USA destinations.
PDF downloaded is also available by email link – Cost: $10 each

In celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial, Quinte Branch OGS wanted to acknowledge and honour our ancestors who were witnesses to and participants in the birth of our nation on July 1, 1867. Together, we have created a memorial historical directory of our ancestors who were residents in what is now present-day Canada in the year of Confederation. Our intention was to make a fun project for our members by providing an opportunity to share their stories.

To contact our Canada 150 Project Team, please email us at quintebranch@ogs.on.ca

October Update:
The project was compiled from the contributions of 46 Branch members, former members, and friends of Quinte Branch, received from across Canada and from several States in the USA. The document contains 1,069 pages, and 1,236 family surnames are documented in the project. The file size is 421 MB.

Surname Index from Quinte Branch Canada 150 Project
Download Surname Index here

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