January 18: Crouse-Wanamaker Lecture – Cancelled

UPDATED: The Crouse-Wanamaker Lecture for 18 Jan 2020 has been CANCELLED. This decision by Quinte Branch has wisely been made for the safety and well being of our members and occasional community attendees. The storm is currently advertised by the Weather Network and Environment Canada as the biggest storm for Ontario this winter and is

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas to All from the Quinte Branch of OGS, including its Branch Council, Members and Volunteers. All the best of the festive season as we look forward to 2020, our 40th Anniversary Year!

GEDmatch Bought by Verogen

A DNA Firm That Caters to Police Just Bought a Genealogy Site … On Monday afternoon, GEDmatch announced it was being taken over by a new owner, the forensic genomics firm Verogen. The San Diego-based company spun out of sequencing giant Illumina two years ago, specializing in next-generation DNA testing services catered to law enforcement.

January 18: 40 Years of Genealogy

< Crouse-Wannamaker Lecture > This presentation will be RESCHEDULED 40 Years of Genealogy Look How Far We’ve Come “Tracing our family’s history is a lifelong journey …” Cheryl’s media presence and background in genealogy can be found on her websites, Footprints to Heritage, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

November 16: Annual General Meeting/Great Moments

To start off the afternoon, our 2019 AGM will focus on the election of officers and the appointment of volunteers to Branch Council Committees. Following, we’ll share Great Moments in the search for family history: good, bad and mostly inspirational! Bring your best stories. Can’t wait to hear them!

Quinte Branch Still Needs Volunteers

The Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society/Ontario Ancestors still needs volunteers and coordinators for “Photography”, “Publicity” and “Research Library” Contact us if you would like greater involvement in the local genealogical community and the satisfaction that volunteerism brings. [HOME OF THE QUINTE BRANCH OGS RESEARCH LIBRARY] >>quintechair@ogs.on.ca<<  

Grow Our Family Campaign

Ontario Ancestors’ Grow Our Family membership campaign has returned once again for the 2020 year. Any member of the Society renewing their membership can receive a 50% discount on their membership fees simply by bringing in a new member with them. And the new member gets the same great deal – Society membership for $31.50