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Updated July 2020 — now over 1.5 Million Names 
More than 237,000 names added from local histories, directories and genealogies

This growing database includes names from the hundreds of genealogies, family histories, pedigree charts, cemetery transcriptions, local newspaper indexes and many of the published works in the Quinte Genealogy Centre research library such as business and residential directories, local histories, parish register transcripts, surrogate court wills and funeral cards. Now with reference titles and location finders: L=Quinte Genealogy Centre Shelves; D=Digital Collection; C=CD Collection; Q=Quinte West Public Library Reference Collection. 

You may search the index by last name and first name and use a “wildcard” to help your search. The asterisk symbol * can be substituted for any character(s) in a name.

Example: Dorland Peter or Dorland P* or Dorl* Peter

Please refer to Using the Names Index Database Finding Aid to better understand the results of your search. 

When you have searched the database you can create a research list by checking the box to the right of the record. Print a copy of this list and bring it with you when you visit the Quinte Genealogy Centre in person or e-mail the list to our research volunteers if unable to visit. A small fee is charged for research by correspondence to cover copying, postal and other costs. Quinte Branch members are entitled to one hour of research without charge. The Quinte Branch is a non-profit organization and revenue earned from research is used to improve services and expand the collection.

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