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Due to a prolonged shutdown of RootsWeb, the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society migrated their website in 2018 to the platform hosting the main Ontario Genealogical Society website. In 2019 the Quinte Branch website was redesigned using a WordPress format. No content was lost or removed, although some pages were updated and some new material was added.

The “drop-down” navigation bar, as the static image below shows, is identical to the RootsWeb menu and still accesses the same content as well as the newly added material. In the menu above, hover over each menu item to activate the “drop-down” feature and click on the displayed item of choice to view.

The Quinte Branch Genealogical Centre Library offers a wealth of original source material supporting family history research in Prince Edward County, Hastings County and southern Northumberland County. The slideshows below provide an insight into some of these valuable resources.

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