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Effective 01 September 2015

In response to increasing demand for electronic file distribution of publications and the associated lower purchase price, Quinte Branch has decided to make Portable Document File (PDF) distribution the standard for some publications. PDF files will be delivered to our customers by either email attachments or email links to download sites for large files. While traditional printed versions of these publications can still be ordered to suit customer needs, unit prices (not shown) for the print option are generally higher and are subject to Shipping & Handling charges. Printed pricing for PDF files available on request.

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Genealogy and the Law in Canada
by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson

125 pgs (2010: Ontario Genealogical Society)
Digital records and broad access to the Internet have revolutionized the ways in which genealogists approach their investigations — and has made it much easier to locate information relevant to any particular genealogical inquiry from sources often separated by vast distances. The law, on the other hand, remains very connected to particular geographic locations. There are legal differences depending on whether you are doing personal research or working for others for pay. This book will discuss the relevant laws — access to information, protection of personal data and copyright — applicable to those working within Canada with materials that are located, at the time you are doing the work, in Canada. The opinions expressed in this book are not intended as legal advice. 
Publish Your Family History
by Susan Yates and Greg Ioannou
152 pgs (2010: Ontario Genealogical Society)
Now you have the family story written, Publish Your Family History will help you turn that manuscript into a book. It gives all the fundamentals of book production, together with the important details that distinguish a home-published book from a home-made one. You'll learn design ideas, get advice on picture selection, what sorts of bindings last and look great and where to find help.
Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage by Kennis Kim
171 pgs (2010: Ontario Genealogical Society)
History surrounds us, in museums, in our community and in our homes. Whether objects were bought, found or inherited, these artifacts offer glimpses into the past — a time, place, event or person we wish to remember and share with the future. As custodians of pieces of our history, we are faced with how to maintain these items. Professional conservator Kim tells us how. Topics discussed include: creating an accession list; what are conservation, restoration and preservation?; deciding on display, storage or using the artifact; common threats, such as light, humidity, insects and rodents; and when to call in a professional. Here’s all you need to determine what you can do yourself to preserve your precious things for future generations. 
Genealogical Standards of Evidence: A Guide for Family Historians
by Brenda Dougall Merriman 
116 pgs (2010: Ontario Genealogical Society)
Genealogical evidence is the information that helps us to identify an individual or the relationship between individuals. In describing how we establish or argue points of identification through the use of various sources, we often use such words as "evidence," "proof" or "documentation." Brenda Dougall Merriman takes readers through the process of research and identification, along the way examining how the genealogical community developed standards of evidence and documentation, what those standards are and how they can be applied. As a supplement to courses, workshops and seminars, this book provides both an in-depth and inexpensive reference, perfect for compiling and checking research notes.
History of the Quinte Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1980-2010
15 pgs (2010: Quinte Branch, OGS)
From a little seed, a mighty branch grew and grew and grew and is still growing! This booklet covers the humble beginnings of Quinte Branch in 1980 in Bloomfield, through our move to Ameliasburgh in 1994 as a tenant at the Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre and continues with our latest sojourn to the Quinte West Public Library in 2006. The different sections lists the original 26 charter members, all officers throughout the 30 years and their time of service. Special projects and endeavours are written about: setting up the library, fundraising, the establishment of Cemsearch, our Finding Aid Index, our web site, cemetery recording project, etc. Have you heard of a "Bakeless Bakesale"? Our aim and purpose has always been to gather and preserve the stories of people; help each other; and share to the benefit of all.
Heritage Atlas of Hastings County Heritage Atlas of Hastings County
edited by Orland French, 240 pgs

(2006: Wallbridge House Publishing, Belleville) 
The first original atlas of Hastings County since Belden's Atlas of 1878. Colourful maps and photographs bring you the story of this beautiful sprawling county in Eastern Ontario. The perfect guide to one of Ontario’s oldest and largest counties. Maps, charts and colourful graphics trace the evolution and development of Hastings County over 200 years from the arrival of the first European explorers to today’s thriving and complex society.
(N.B. Postage & Handling $12.50 Canadian, $18.00 US International Orders, see Mail Order Form)
The Beacon, Vol. 1, 1998 The Beacon, Vol. 1 (1998: Quinte Branch OGS) 
Features: Brief History of John George Rutter, Loyalist of Adolphustown Twp., The Chouinard-Swenor Connection in Canada, Photo Essay Benedict Family of Shannonville, Reilly-Mullan Story, John Suttle Morton Descendants, 1998 Searchlight Subject and Name Index, Horton Pioneer Cemetery in Stirling, Quinte Sojourn - The Sturm Family of Tweed, A Letter Home from a Trip on the Lakes - Peter W. Merritt (1815-1899).
Quinte Area Residents Over 80 Years in 1893-1894, recorded by Donald C. Kellaway, 13 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
The Belleville Intelligencer decided to publish the names and personal details of persons who were 80 years or older in 1893 and 1894. The number that contacted the newspaper surpassed their wildest estimates. The lists have been sorted in alphabetical sequence to assist in accessing the information.
Early Militia Lists of Hastings Co., 1799-1826 Early Militia Lists of Hastings County, 1799-1826, compiled by Donald C. Kellaway, 22 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
These militia rolls are extracted from the William Bell papers in the custody of Lennox and Addington Historical Society and microfilmed by LDS. Colonel Bell was involved in the Hastings Militia from 1799 to 1830. The lists selected provide both age and place of residence of the militiamen.
Baptisms, Rev. Robert Neill, 1851-1872 Baptism Register of the Rev. Robert Neill, 1851-1872, Seymour Twp., Northumberland County, compiled by Ann Rowe, indexed by Joan Buxton, 29 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
An indexed transcript to over 500 baptisms from a small volume written in the clear flowing handwriting of the Rev. Robert Neill. Details include dates of birth and baptism, child's name, parents names and in some cases their residence. 
Marriage Register of Rev. Robert Neill Marriage Register of the Rev. Robert Neill, 1840-1878, Seymour Twp., Northumberland County, compiled by Ann Rowe, indexed by Joan Buxton, 45 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
This transcript of the minister's personal record of 260 marriages includes witnesses and the records are indexed by both groom and bride names. Rev. Robert Neill was ordained and inducted by the Auld Kirk Presbytery of Kingston as the minister of Seymour in 1840 and served both Seymour and Campbellford Twps.
Marriage Register of St. Andrew's Presbyterian, Burnbrae Marriage Register of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Burnbrae, 1858-1886, (Seymour Twp., Northumberland Co.), compiled by Ann Rowe and Joan Buxton, 24 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
This transcript of the offical marriage register of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church includes the ages of the bride and groom, birthplaces, names of parents and names of witnesses. The records are indexed by both groom and bride's names. The official marriage register of  is a valuable addition to Rev. Neill's personal records, completing many gaps. 
Hungerford Marriage Registers Marriages 1876-1926 from Hungerford Twp. Registers, Hastings County, donated by E. C. Moult on behalf of Allan  Piper, 90 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
A transcription of over 800 marriages that took place in Hungerford Twp. in Hastings County, Ontario between 1876 and 1926. Details include ages, residences, birthplaces, names of parents and witnesses. Grooms are listed alphabetically in each year. Indexes to grooms and brides both included.
Diary of William DeGroff, 1869-1902 Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Bloomfield Area; Extracts from the Diary of William De Groff, 1869-1902, compiled by Don Kellaway, 16 pgs (Quinte Branch OGS)
The daily diaries of William Henry De Groff mention births, marriages, deaths and other significant personal events relating primarily to families in the Bloomfield area of Prince Edward County. The late Mr. Charles Fraliegh of Bloomfield made these diaries available for indexing.
Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms, Hastings 1840-1904 Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register, Hastings County, 1840-1904, 277 pgs (2003: United Church of Canada/Victoria University Archives; Quinte Branch, OGS)
Every year Wesleyan Methodist Church ministers were required to send uniform entries of births and baptisms to the Conference Office for entry into the General Register. These baptisms have been fully transcribed and indexed by volunteers of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms, Prince Edward County, 1841-1888 Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register, Prince Edward County, 1841-1888, 131 pgs (2003: United Church of Canada/Victoria University Archives; Quinte Branch, OGS)
Every year Wesleyan Methodist Church ministers were required to send uniform entries of births and baptisms to the Conference Office for entry into the General Register. These baptisms have been fully transcribed and indexed by volunteers of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
Hastings and Prince Edward Counties,
United Church Records
,217 pgs (2012)  
(formerly Methodist and Presbyterian)
Baptisms - 1807-1899;
Marriages - 1808-1899;
Burials - 1898-1899
Fonds 1314 Belleville Wesleyan Methodist Circuit;
Fonds 1570 Melrose and Lonsdale Circuit;
Fonds 1656 Main Street Methodist Church, Picton
Halton-Peel Branch and Toronto Branch OGS
A Genealogical Reference Listing
Transcribed by Halton-Peel Branch and Toronto Branch OGS

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