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Research Help

The Branch maintains an extensive (and expanding) genealogical research library called the Quinte Genealogy Centre located in the Quinte West Public Library which is staffed by a group of experienced genealogy volunteers, subject to availability. They assist visitors on-site and carry out research by correspondence for those at a distance. Researchers can locate names of possible interest to them in the library holdings by searching our online Names Index Database.

Research Inquiries
A small fee is charged for research by correspondence to cover copying, postal and other costs. Quinte Branch members are entitled to one hour of research without charge. The Quinte Branch is a non-profit organization and revenue earned from research is used to improve services and expand the collection. When requesting help with your research you may search the Names Index Database, compile a list of names you are interested in and submit the list via the e-mail form. If inquiring by regular e-mail please include your name, postal address and membership number if applicable. Research fees can be paid via PayPal or by cheque or money order.

Brief requests for specific information on names you are researching, or on other problems can be published in the quarterly newsletter, The Quinte Searchlight. Members may submit up to four queries per year; non-members are assessed $5.00 per query. Please send queries to Quinte Branch OGS, c/o The Editor, to the addresses listed below. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, e-mail address and membership number, if applicable.

Please send correspondence to:
Quinte Branch, OGS
PO Box 1371, Trenton, Ontario, Canada K8V 5R9
Identify a committee or person in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope if applicable.

E-mail: quintebranch@ogs.on.ca
Please include your name, postal address and membership number if applicable.
Telephone: 1-613-394-3381 Ext. 3328

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Quinte Branch volunteers assist visitors on-site and carry out research by correspondence

Experienced genealogy volunteers carry out research by correspondence....

...and assist visitors on-site.

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