Find A Real Treasure: Surname Interest List

[UPDATED: October 2023]

Helping Hands Outreach Program at Quinte Branch: 

… to facilitate research collaboration, brick wall demolition, and cousin finding.

The SIL is composed of over 4500 downloadable family surnames of interest to our members, past members and library contacts (AKA the providers), based on their research focus in Hastings, Prince Edward, and neighboring Counties.

The SIL is offered below in two downloadable files:
–> one sorted by surname, which depicts the number of providers researching, for example, the name “Jones”
–> one sorted by providers, which depicts all of the surnames of interest to each provider.

Download the files and check out the possibilities that one or more of our SIL providers may have similar or identical research interests to you.

If you decide that you would like to make contact with a provider, send us an email to [email protected] with “SIL Contact Request” in the subject line. In the text of your message include, at a minimum, the code number of the provider(s) and the surname(s) in which you are interested, plus a brief note about the primary ancestors in each surname. This will help the provider to better determine if you are researching, for example, the same Jones family.

We will forward your contact request email to each provider you have identified and we will ask them to consider replying to your SIL message. It will be entirely up to them, much like tree owner requests on Ancestry and other well-known genealogical websites.

Good Hunting!

SIL by Surname (download file)

SIL by Provider (download file)

Click here for a “searchable” Surname Interest List (SIL)   Updated – October 2023