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Quinte West Public Library locations are closed to the public until at least May 5. The Genealogy Research Library is also closed, as it is part of the Quinte West Library complex. The Quinte Branch OGS presentations on April 18, May 16 and June 20 are cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. The Quinte Branch 40th Anniversary Celebration planned for June has been tentatively rescheduled to coincide with the Annual General Meeting on November 21, 2020. The Ontario Ancestors/OGS Conference (Vision 2020) scheduled for June 5-7 is cancelled and refunds are in the works. Registration fees can also be donated whole or in part to Ontario Ancestors/OGS. Contact Megan at [ ] to arrange this donation and a tax receipt will be issued.

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The Ins and Outs of
Presentation by Nick Post
Article by John Carew
Photography by Wayne Wickson

Nick Post took on a big task for a Saturday afternoon genealogy lecture: he explained how FamilySearch came about and highlighted the benefits of using it. He took the group through signing in to the program and discussed the different areas within the site; providing examples from his own Family Tree. Nick also outlined partnerships with other Family History sites, indexing and additional programs. Finally, he discussed updates and future changes coming to FamilySearch. He is a “Temple and Family History Consultant” at the Oshawa Stake Family History Library.

For most if not everyone in the room, Nick’s presentation was twofold: a refresher about the “family search” site that we have used over the years, and a catchup on the innovations of convenience and enhanced research features that have blossomed forth in recent times. We would have expected that the focus of the presentation would be zeroed in on, but in a very significant way it left the door open for a more global and collegial view of the opportunities for us to pursue our research objectives. The Family History Guide, released this year by The Family History Guide Association at , offers a very generous review of FamilySearch, Ancestry, My Heritage and Find My Past, in the context of how to look at each site for the opportunities we may be looking for or trying to expand into.

No doubt, we are very much at the crossroads of the technology and information ages, and all you need to do to take advantage of this lecture by Nick Post, whether you were there or not, is to visit The Family History Guide Association and educate yourself online at , and similarly at the four websites of the genealogy enterprises featured, Family Search, Ancestry, My Heritage and Find My Past to get their take on opportunities directly. And don’t stop there! Take this moment to review what is going on at websites and organizations that might be the right locations for you to visit again some time.

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Welcome to Nick Post


An antique clothes hanger!

A razor blade sharpener!

Donna wins a DNA testing kit from Ancestry for guessing the razor blade sharpener. Congrats!

Thanking Nick for an excellent presentation.


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