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Donate BooksWhy let valuable family history records and research gather dust on shelves or be packed away in boxes when it could be brought to life in the Branch’s research library in the Quinte Genealogy Centre. When downsizing your home please consider placing genealogical material or historical books in our library. Your hard work will not be lost or discarded, but will be kept safe and secure, reach a wider audience, increase chances for family contacts and be preserved for the future in a modern library facility. Pedigrees, genealogies and family histories will be added to the searchable online Names Index finding aid to assist others to quickly find their ancestors in the library holdings. GEDCOMs can be e-mailed and hard copies can be posted to the branch (see Contact Us). Monetary donations are also welcome to help expand services and add to the collection. Canadian tax receipts are available for donations of books, other materials and monetary donations with a value of $20.00.

Quinte Branch extends sincere thanks to members, authors, publishers, heritage societies and others who have made donations to our Research Library

Recent donations and acquisitions:

  • GEN-COU-001-02, Coulter, George L & Mary Ann Lawson by Marilyn Gradick

  • GEN-DOX-001-02, Doxsee Family by Wm. E. Courtwright

  • GEN-DRE-001-03, Drewry Siblings Who Emigrated to Victoria District 1844 by Doug Drewry

  • GEN-HOL-001-02, Holden Family, Yours, Mine & Ours, 2nd Edition by John E. Holden

  • GEN-HUD-001-01, Hudgins, William & Ester

  • GEN-LEE-001-01, Lee, John & Nancy [Anne] Quinn by John C. Lee

  • GEN-MOO-001-01, Moon, Descendants of Paulis Moon by Jack Carroll UE

  • GEN-MOO-001-02, Moon, John 1796-1872 by Jack Carroll UE

  • GEN-SEE-001-02, Seeley, John & Phoebe, Update 2011

  • GEN-SOU-001-02, Souster, William by Elaine Henry

  • GEN-WOO-002-01, Woods, John & Mary McGee by Jack Carroll UE

  • GEN-WOO-002-02, Woods, George & Armintha Beer, “Roses in December” by Reta (Woods) Pitts

  • HIS-CAN-400-06, The Little Immigrants (2001) by Kenneth Bagnell

  • HIS-HAS-101-05, Franck Lodge #127 A.F.&A.M. (Frankford) – Ledger A Vol.1, 1865-1888, Early Members by Peter Johnson UE

  • HIS-HAS-101-06, Franck Lodge #127 A.F.&A.M. (Frankford) – Vol. 2, 1870-1966, Miscellaneous Papers & Documents by Peter Johnson UE

  • HIS-HAS-101-07, Franck Lodge #127 A.F.&A.M. (Frankford) – Vol. 3, 1902-1966, Documents Relating to Local Businesses by Peter Johnson UE

  • HIS-HAS-101-08, Franck Lodge #127 A.F.&A.M. (Frankford) – 1907-1944, Applications for Membership by Peter Johnson UE

  • HIS-HAS-101-09, Franck Lodge #127 A.F.&A.M. (Frankford) – 1860-2010, The First 150 Years by Peter Johnson UE

  • HIS-HAS-102-07, Belleville, A Popular History by Gerry Boyce

  • HIS-HAS-102-08, Bridge on the Bay of Quinte by Nick & Helma Mika

  • HIS-HAS-102-09, Belleville’s Heritage, Vol. 2, by Hastings County Historical Society

  • HIS-HAS-102-10, A Souvenir of Belleville, Pictorial with added clippings by Hastings County Historical Society

  • HIS-HAS-102-11, Belleville General Hospital, One Hundredth Anniversary 1886-1986 by W. F. Buckley

  • HIS-HAS-108-06, Trenton Past & Present by Nick & Helma Mika

  • HIS-HAS-108-07, The Evolution of Trenton by Thomas Jarrett

  • HIS-HAS-109-02, Carmel (Thurlow) Centennial 1855-1958 by Carmel Public School

  • HIS-HAS-108-03, Thurlow Court 10th Anniversary 1986-1996 (Senior’s Rensidence) by Marie Kellar & Marilyn Harry

  • HIS-HAS-113-02, North of 7 – And Proud Of It by Orland French

  • HIS-HAS-115-02, Heritage Years – Stirling & District, Vol. 2, by Stirling Historical Book Committee

  • HIS-IRE-602-01, Irish Palatine Pioneers in Upper Canada, 1719-1998, by Special Interest Group – Irish Palatines

  • HIS-L&A-303-03, Hamburg-Hawley – 1795-1985, by Bruce Cuthill & Grant Huyck

  • HIS-LOT-002-01, And Your Petitioner Will Ever Pray, Mecklenberg/Midland District 1789-1794 by Linda Corupe U.E.

  • HIS-LOY-002-05, Book of Names of Early Palatines & Early Settlers of Mohawk Valley by Lou D. MacWetley-Carole

  • HIS-LOY-002-06, Romance of the Palatine Millers – Palatine Irish American & U.E.L. by Rev. W. Bowman Tucker

  • HIS-LOY-007-04, King’s Royal Regiment of New York by Ernest A. Cruickshank

  • HIS-LOY-018-03, Loyalist Families, Hastings & Prince Edward Counties, Vol. 1 A-L, by Linda Corupe U.E.

  • HIS-LOY-019-04, Loyalist Families, Hastings & Prince Edward Counties, Vo. 2, M-Z, by Linda Corupe U.E.

  • HIS-MIL-002-01, Prince Edward County Soldiers of the Great War, “The Field of Glory” by Margaret E. Haylock

  • HIS-NAT-002-03, Understanding First Nations Genealogy Records by David K. Faux

  • HIS-NAT-002-04, Discover Your Métis Ancestry by Dr. John Roberts

  • HIS-NOR-203-04, History of Brighton Business 1816-2009 by Susan Brose

  • HIS-NOR-203-05, Brighton Township by Florence Chatten

  • HIS-NOR-204-01, Cramahe- How Firm A Foundation by Eileen Aippres

  • HIS-ONT-500-01, Papers & Records of Ontario Historical Society, V. XXI -1924 by Ontario Historical Society

  • HIS-ONT-503-01, Perth County Pioneers by Archie McKereacher

  • HIS-ONT-524-04, Pakenham – Ottawa Valley Villages – 1823-1860 by Verna Ross McGiffen

  • HIS-ONT-524-05, Pakenham – Ottawa Valley Villages – 1860-1900 by Verna Ross McGiffen

  • HIS-ONT-531-01A, Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities 1997-2009 by Barbara B. Aitken

  • HIS-ONT-531-06, Tales of the Great Lakes – Robert A. Townsend

  • HIS-PEC-001-02, The Settler’s Dream – Pictorial History of Older Buildings

  • HIS-PEC-002-04, Early History of Big Island

  • HIS-PEC-005-03, Victoria School House by Daniel Rainey, & Helen Tompkins

  • HIS-PEC-005-04, Saga of the One-Room School House by Daniel Rainey, Helen Tompkins & Nellie Montgomery

  • HIS-REL-008-01, History of Emmanuel United Church, Foxboro – 2004

  • HIS-REL-010-02, History of Westminster United Church 40th Anniversary – 1969-2009

  • HIS-REL-011-04, First 100 Years -Tabernacle United Church, Belleville

  • HIS-REL-016-02, Bible Christians – A Corner for the Preacher by Sherrell Branton Leetooze

  • HIS-REL-016-03, Bible Christians Chapels by Sherrell Branton Leetooze

  • HIS-REL-016-04, Bible Christians – The Damascus Road by Sherrell Branton Leetooze

  • HIS-USA-900-01, Mayflower Increasings

  • HIS-USA-909-02, Images of America Slovak Pittsburgh by Lisa A Alzo

  • HIS-USA-909-03, A Gazetteer of Indian Territory by Henry Gannett

  • HIS-USA-909-04, Eastern Cherokee By Blood – 1906-1910 – Applications 1-300 by Jeff Bowen

  • HIS-USA-911-01, Scots in the American West – 1783-1883 by David Dobson

  • HIS-USA-913-02, Vermont History Vol. 42 #2, Spring 1974

  • HIS-USA-913-03, New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol. 159, July 2005

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