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On June 14th, 1980, the Quinte Branch was chartered as the 18th branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) covering the Bay of Quinte area that includes Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada. The branch celebrated its 35th Anniversary on June 20, 2015. Approximately 300 members include those who have roots in the Bay of Quinte area and those who live locally with roots elsewhere. In 2020 the Quinte Branch of Ontario Ancestors/OGS “celebrated” its 40th anniversary of supporting the genealogy community.

Quinte OGS is a non-profit organization with three major goals:
– to encourage participation in genealogical activities
– to assemble and preserve family histories and research material;
– to assist family history researchers at the branch library and by correspondence.

Our volunteers enjoy interacting and exchanging information with other genealogists; improving their knowledge and research skills; furthering their personal research; and having lots of fun. Whether you live locally or afar you can become involved in branch activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • indexing the library holdings for the FIND-IT Names Index Database project
  • staffing the research library
  • writing articles for the newsletter (you can share your ideas and experiences, or publish the results of your research)
  • transcribing cemeteries
  • assisting at events

    Quinte Branch Council – 2021

    Chair:    Patrick Goodmurphy
    Vice-Chair:    John Carew
    Past Chair:     Terry Buttler
    Treasurer:    Kurt Woermke
    Secretary:    Mary Shaw
    Cemeteries:    Peter Johnson UE
    Communications:   Vacant
    Database & IT/Indexing:    Bob Dawes
    Indexing:    Dianne Taylor-Harding
    Library:    Library Committee
    Membership:    Heather Semper
    Newsletter:    Sharron Buttler
    Photographer:    Georgette Green
    Programme:  Kathryn Potter
    Publications:    John Carew
    Publicity:     Vacant
    Research:    Richard Hughes, Rodney Green
    Social Hostess:    Lois Duggan
    Social Media:     Cheryl Levy PLCGS
    Surname Interest List (SIL):    Lynn Heale
    Webmaster:    Wayne Wickson
    Website Advisor:    Tina Gemmell

    Volunteer:   Barbara Dawes
    Volunteer:   Faye West
    Volunteer:   Mary Culloden
    Volunteer:   Joan VanMeer
    Volunteer:   Carole Foshay
    Volunteer:   Julie Hinton
    Volunteer:   Jim Harvey UE
    Volunteer:   Suzanne Mainprize
    Volunteer:   Cynthia Benben

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