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FIND-IT is Getting Bigger

Dianne Taylor-Harding, Indexing Coordinator, and her enthusiastic indexing team have added records from several new family histories to the FIND-IT database. These family histories can be searched at the Quinte Branch Research Library in the Quinte West Public Library. If any of the surnames shown below appear in your family history, you should check out

Find A Real Treasure: Surname Interest List

[UPDATED: June 1, 2022] Helping Hands Outreach Program at Quinte Branch:  … to facilitate research collaboration, brick wall demolition, and cousin finding. The SIL is composed of over 4500 downloadable family surnames of interest to our members, past members and library contacts (AKA the providers), based on their research focus in Hastings, Prince Edward, and

FIND-IT: On the Move in May

Under the able leadership of the Quinte Branch “Indexing Coordinator”, Dianne Taylor-Harding, a number of family histories on the shelves of the Research Library have been professionally indexed and added to the free searchable database, FIND-IT, available from the Quinte Branch website. Is your long-lost relative in this collection?  

MILESTONE 1,641,653

Recently Bob Dawes acquired files from the Campbellford Herald newspaper referencing BMDs and special events as covered in that newspaper between 1874 and 1996. These additions to the Quinte Branch FIND-IT searchable database totalled 44,919 records and will bring the total number of searchable records in the FIND-IT database to 1,641,653.  

Quinte Branch Marketplace

Energize your research using cemetery transcriptions! The Quinte Branch Marketplace has over 300 cemetery transcriptions from Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland counties. Many of these transcriptions are unique and one-of-a-kind research sources. Check out the Quinte Branch Marketplace.

Community Archives (CABHC)

The Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County has a wealth of historical material worth investigating on the website and in the CABHC photostream on FLICKR, like historical photographs, such as this one showing students at the Ontario Business College in 1896 including names on the original at CABHC. SUBSCRIBE

Prince Edward County Cemeteries

Check out the cemetery transcriptions for Prince Edward County: These are on sale in the QUINTE BRANCH MARKETPLACE on ONTARIO ANCESTORS ready for digital download.

Gerald Belanger Collection

Gerald Belanger has been collecting newspaper clippings and writing the history of the Centre Hastings  community for over a decade. Quinte Branch OGS is pleased to announce that we have been given permission to publish Gerald’s work for the genealogy and historical communities. While focusing mainly on Marmora, the newspapers which Gerald researched covered much

Quinte Branch Marketplace

The Quinte Branch has joined the OGS “Marketplace”. As a result of this move the Quinte Branch is no longer providing CD’s for cemetery transcriptions. More than 300 cemetery transcriptions can be viewed by members for free in the Members’ Lounge or purchased online from the Quinte Branch as a direct download from the Ontario Genealogical Society “Marketplace”.

Surname Interest List

The SIL is comprised of family surnames of interest to our members, past members, research library contacts and the genealogy community. The focus of the SIL is based on research in Hastings, Prince Edward, and neighboring counties. Check out the possibility that one or more of our SIL providers may have similar research interests.
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