Canada 150 Project

The Canada 150 Project showcases an essential collection of 46 contributed family histories made available by researchers whose family trees extended back to the creation of Canada in 1867. This collection is rich in content and visuals, moving far beyond the scope of BMD data to embrace a vivid narrative of life in early Canada.

Canada 150 Project

Frequent Surnames in the Canada 150 Project

Murphy, Hennessey, Wilson, Pearson, Casey, Hartman, Orr, Maybee, Jackson, Crandell, Harcus, Haggerty, Tiller, Ostrom, Graham, Ridley, Cumming, O’Neill, Thompson, Carew, Johnson, Humphrey, Evans, McDonald, Ellis, Clark, Howson, Welsh, Buttler, Loyst, Elliott, Cota, Smith, Dool, Meehan, Watt, Moore, Fox, Madill, Jordan, Robinson, Whitney, Ketcheson, Seeds, Badgley, Bell, Bonner, Hicks, Rose, Hollywood, Umphrey, Mills, Commodore, Edwards, Green, Beatty, O’Connor, Embury, Hughes, Coulson, Gunter, Hamilton, Bauder, Caverly, Babcock, Alyea, Davis, Dennie, Harris, Adams, Walsh, McMaster, Parks, Prentice, Rayner, Chase, Williams, Miller, Jones, Young, Asselstine, Dorland, Scott, May, Walt, Brown, Coe, Nix, McEwen, Tucker, Badour, Wright, Hayes, Borden, Short, Ewing, VanAlstine, Reid, Wood, Baker, McQuoid, Zwick, Saylor, Sexsmith, Bedore, Turner, Forrester, Brooks, Cain, Nicoll



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