Month: April 2021

May 1: Sisters of St. Joseph in London and Hamilton

The presentation will provide an overview of orphan care by the Sisters of St. Joseph in London and Hamilton, and of the records which we keep in our archives. In London, the Sisters founded and administered Mount Hope which became Mount St. Joseph Orphanage, and later Fontbonne Hall. In Hamilton, they founded St. Mary’s Orphanage.

ZOOM Like An Expert – No Worries

For over a year Family History Societies have embraced ZOOM as a way to stay connected to their members. Many allowed non-members to also enjoy the talks. If you are someone who struggles with new phones, social media or “virtual communication” on the Internet, this tutorial is for you! DOWNLOAD ZOOM

April 27: Family History Reno Project

A genealogy Do-Over is hard work and requires re-visiting a lot of sources and re-entering your family data.  The Family History Reno project preserves your original work file and provides a methodical way to find errors and omissions and to make corrections.  This allows you to carry on with current research while cleaning your tree.

April 18-24: National Volunteer Week

Ontario Ancestors, like many charitable organizations, owes its very existence to dedicated volunteers. National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to reflect on the thousands of volunteer hours supporting family history throughout Ontario. The Quinte Branch recognizes in particular Rod Green and Dick Hughes who have sustained our Branch research effort in these difficult times.

April 26: Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy

Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy – Monday, April 26, 1:00 p.m. This online workshop featuring Dr. Fraser Dunford will cover the basics including getting started in genealogical research and useful records. Topics covered: family trees, family records, relationships, the importance of birth, marriage, and death records, and recording dates.  

April 17: Where Your Ancestors Lived

Linda is a member of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, the Ontario Genealogical Society, and the Ontario Historical Society. The focus of this presentation is on changing boundaries in Ontario. Unless you are aware of what province, county and district your ancestor’s home was considered to be in, you may miss important information.

April 14: Virtual Genealogy Class

Participate [11:30 am] in an online introduction to the library version of and learn about the databases maintained by the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. The presenter will be the noted speaker and family historian, Bob Dawes, a former Chair of the Quinte Branch. REGISTER: 613-394-3381 or CLICK TO CHECK OUT

April 6: Durham Branch – Portable Genealogy

Bob Dawes, a retired technology executive and avid family historian has developed the presentation “PORTABLE GENEALOGY-YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU” for genealogists who want to take their family history research with them when they travel or visit research repositories. Bob, a past chair of the Quinte Branch, discusses GEDCOMs and synchronizing files between computers.
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