Month: October 2022

Resources on the Quinte Branch Website

The Quinte Branch website contains many resources, both new and old. One section that has withstood the “test of time” is GENEALOGY 101, available from the top navigation bar. Check out “Tool Kit Links” [], “Links to Resources” [] or an entire beginner’s course in genealogy [].  

Hats Off to Amanda at the CABHC

Amanda Hill, Archivist at the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County, made an excellent presentation to the Quinte Branch of Ontario Ancestors on Saturday. The digital resources, among others, at the CABHC should not be overlooked by any serious family historian. A great deal of research can be accomplished online from a remote location

October 15: Using the Community Archives

Tour the many resources of the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County with Amanda. From newspapers to directories, maps, assessment rolls and photos, CABHC has it all. Amanda Hill trained as an archivist in England in the 1990s and was employed at Canterbury Cathedral Archives, the Essex Record Office and the Universities of Oxford

Trees by Dan – The History Guy

Since 2000 Dan has been building a database of interconnected family trees focussed on the local area around Brighton but following the family connections back more than 200 years before U.E.L.’s came to the area and up into more recent times. The information on is made available to support other researchers whose trees include

Archiving Materials Takes Preparation

Archiving donated materials can require significant preparation time before they can be displayed for public viewing. A recent donation of photographic slides created by the late Lloyd Syer (1928-2022), former Director of the Belleville Parks and Recreation Department, presents [such a challenge]. The slides arrived in September. Some were in carousels, others in plastic sleeves,
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