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January 18: Crouse-Wanamaker Lecture – Cancelled

UPDATED: The Crouse-Wanamaker Lecture for 18 Jan 2020 has been CANCELLED. This decision by Quinte Branch has wisely been made for the safety and well being of our members and occasional community attendees. The storm is currently advertised by the Weather Network and Environment Canada as the biggest storm for Ontario this winter and is

January 18: 40 Years of Genealogy

< Crouse-Wannamaker Lecture > This presentation will be RESCHEDULED 40 Years of Genealogy Look How Far We’ve Come “Tracing our family’s history is a lifelong journey …” Cheryl’s media presence and background in genealogy can be found on her websites, Footprints to Heritage, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

November 16: Annual General Meeting/Great Moments

To start off the afternoon, our 2019 AGM will focus on the election of officers and the appointment of volunteers to Branch Council Committees. Following, we’ll share Great Moments in the search for family history: good, bad and mostly inspirational! Bring your best stories. Can’t wait to hear them!

Quinte Branch Still Needs Volunteers

The Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society/Ontario Ancestors still needs volunteers and coordinators for “Photography”, “Publicity” and “Research Library” Contact us if you would like greater involvement in the local genealogical community and the satisfaction that volunteerism brings. [HOME OF THE QUINTE BRANCH OGS RESEARCH LIBRARY] >><<  

October 19: Shades of Allegiance: The Gerow Family

The speaker traces the Gerow Family from south western France as they flee from religious persecution as Huguenots to New York City at the dawn of the 18th century. The family flourishes in the New World until seeds of discord infect the populace. Three sons of the family are forced to choose their allegiance to

June 15: Intro to the Archives of Ontario

This presentation is well-suited to researchers who are unable to travel to Toronto to visit the Archives of Ontario in person. Learn how to use the Archives of Ontario’s website and Microfilm Inter Loan Program to access collections – particularly records that are helpful for genealogical research.

May 18 – The Wonders of WikiTree

<Adventures in Collaborative Genealogy> In this presentation, Leanne Cooper will provide an overview of WikiTree and its key features, and explore the ways that WikiTree supports finding and collaborating with distant cousins and other genealogists. Leanne is an active member of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO). Check out Leanne’s blog:

Early Loyalist Roots of the Lower Hudson River Valley and New York

April 20:  Brian Laurie-Beaumont had a forty year career in heritage facility development planning across Canada. The focus on heritage preservation and his formal education as an historian made genealogy a natural outlet for his inquisitive nature – and a fondness for challenging detective work. He is a member of the New England Historic and