Northumberland Cemeteries

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(C = Concession, L = Lot)

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Brighton Twp Misc Cemeteries (3): Clark, C10 L3; Lawson/ Van Sicklin, CB L28 & 29; Smith Cemetery, Smithfield Village, CA L23; (3 cemeteries) – 7 pgs  


Carman, C3 L27 12 pgs (late 1980s)  6.00
Codrington Roman Catholic Cemetery, C8 L7 – 15 pgs (early 1990s)6.00
Greenwood, CA L24 – 31 pgs (1988)  7.00
Hilton, C4 L4 – 10 pgs (1988)  6.00
McPhail’s Cemetery, C5 L30 – 35 pgs (1990)7.00
Mount Olivet, C7 L35 – 6 pgs (1993)  4.00
Mount Hope, CA L36, (Town of Brighton and area) – 111 pgs (1994) 15.00
Wooler’s Friends (west of Wooler), C5 L24 – 18 pgs (1989)6.00
All-inclusive compilation of Cramahe Township Cemeteries
A New Transcript, 2011, PDF file (CD-ROM) 
– 859 pages *CD here
CD 25.00
Carr (abandoned), Carr Road & County Road #27, Morganston, C8 L11 – 4 pgs (updated 2011)4.00
Castleton, Spring Street, County Road #25, Castleton, C7 L32 – 137 pgs (updated 2011) 15.00
Colborn Union, Percy Street & Dudley Road, (Purdy Corners), Colborne, C3  L33 – 118 pgs (updated 2011)15.00
Cramahe Hill (formerly Christian Church) County Road #27, East of Morganston, C9 L15 – 32 pgs (updated 2011)7.00
East Colborne, Durham Street South, Colborne, C1 L29 – 28 pgs (updated 2011)7.00
Red Cloud (abandoned), Red Cloud School Rd, Morganston, C10 L30 – 7 pgs (updated 2011)6.00
Salem, County Road #2 & Blyth Park Road, Salem, C1 L12 – 192 pgs (updated 2011)15.00
Shiloh, Penryn Rd., East of Shiloh Rd., Shiloh, C6 L15 – 36 pgs (updated 2011)7.00
Trinity Anglican, King Street East at Elgin Street, Colborne, C1 L31 – 11 pgs (updated 2011)6.00
Waite, Telephone Road West of Waite’s Road, Edville, C4 L11 – 38 pgs (updated 2011)7.00
Walker’s, County Road #21 at Cowie Road, Dundonald, C5 L26 – 15 pgs (updated 2011)6.00
Woods, County Rd #2 & Branscombe Road, Salem, C1 L12 – 56 pgs (updated 2011) 8.00
Haldimand Twp Misc Cemeteries (2): Lakeport (Village of Lakeport); Russ (abandoned), C7 L4; (2 cemeteries) – 32 pgs (1993) 7.00
All-inclusive compilation of Murray Township Cemeteries
New Transcript, 2011, PDF file (CD-ROM) 
– 859 pages *CD here
CD 25.00
Murray Twp Misc Cemeteries (2): Mount Carmel, CB L21; Scott Abandoned, C5 L16; (2 cemeteries) – 5 pgs (1993)4.00
Carrying Place, CC L9 – 51 pgs (1989)8.00
Carrying Place Annex Cemetery, CC L9 – 65 pgs (re-recorded 2007) 10.00
Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery, 31 Byrne Ave., Trenton (now Quinte West), C2, L5 & L6 (A New Transcript 2010), PDF File (CD-ROM) – 239 pages CD *5.00

On August 31, 1884, the congregation of St. Peter in Chains Church assembled to officially open the new Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery on 9-1/2 acres that had been purchased from Patrick Kenefick Esq., a respected member of the congregation in Trenton. This cemetery is still active and was last transcribed in 1991 by the Quinte Branch when additional records were included from the death and burial registers of the church and many obituaries dating up to 1993. This new edition has been re-recorded, updated and indexed by Sandra and John Horwat and contains 3528 entries.

Mount Evergreen, A New Transcript 2010, PDF File (CD-ROM) 61 Stockdale Road (C2, L4), Murray Twp., Northumberland Co., (now Quinte West); History, Map & transcriptions – 222 pgs (1994 update – transcriptions index only) – 48 pgs*5.00

This non-denominational cemetery has been re-recorded, updated and indexed by Sandra and John Horwat. The new edition contains 5,767 burials including many without markers and a map identifying the sections of the cemetery. Fully indexed, this transcript is available as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media.

St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, County Rd. 5, Village of Wooler – 8 pgs (1980’s)4.00
St. George’s Anglican Church Records, Churchyard and Cemetery, Trenton (Quinte West), A New Transcript, 2009, PDF File (CD-ROM) Combining St. George’s Anglican Church Records and Churchyard, 9 Byron St., Trenton Ward and St. George’s Anglican Cemetery, CA L7, 2nd Dug Hill Road  222 pgs

CD *5.00


Transcribed, re-recorded and updated by Sandra and John Horwat, this new edition contains 3,329 entries, more than double those in previous transcripts. Additional entries from the church records and churchyard located in Trenton have been combined, including those from church windows, plaques and honour rolls from inside the church established in 1889 and transcripts from stones that are no longer in the churchyard. Fully indexed, this transcript is available as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media.

Stockdale Cemetery, C6 L3 (3rd Edition, updated and annotated 2009) – 366 pages, PDF file (CD-ROM)CD 20.00

This new edition is a collaborative project involving a transcription by the Quinte Branch of the OGS; further transcription and annotations by Peter W. Johnson UE; and production of a searchable PDF on CD-ROM by Quinte Branch Digital Media. The third edition contains 1,401 entries (162 without markers) and a comprehensive index including women by maiden names (where known) and married names, and those without markers. The extensive annotations contain additional details about individuals drawn from sources such as death registrations, family trees, local church records, death notices and obituaries amongst others. This edition includes a map showing the cemetery’s location on part of Lot 3, Concession 6, Murray Twp. with the lanes dividing the cemetery into four sections and “landmarks” to help locate stones. The publication is generously illustrated with photographs of 29 gravestones, 18 photographs of early Stockdale residents and buildings and 9 funeral cards, all from the collection of Peter W. Johnson UE.

Click here for a list of surnames included in the new transcript.

Percy Twp Misc Cemeteries (2):Stone – 20 pgs (1993); & Warkworth Roman Catholic (abandoned) 22 pgs (re-typed 2007)6.00
Seymour Twp Misc Cemeteries (2):Stanwood, C13 L20; Zion United Church (old), C9 L20; (2 cemeteries) – 9 pgs (1983)   6.00
Seymour Twp Misc Cemeteries (3):Durk Burial Vault, C7 L18; Govan/Given, C9 L9; Polmont, C13 L5; (3 cemeteries) – 3 pgs (1980’s)   4.00
Burnbrae, C5 L22 – 124 pgs (1984)15.00
Centre, C13 L6 – 18 pgs (1995) 6.00
Christ Church Anglican, Campbellford – 10 pgs (1995)  6.00
English Line, C3 L15 – 40 pgs (1987)
Hoard Family, C2 L26 & C3 L24 – 8 pgs (1967)
Kellar Family, C2 L15 – 5 pgs (1992)
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Campbellford – 23 pgs   6.00
West’s, C7 L5 – 12 pgs (1994)
Zion (Petherick’s Corners), C8 L20 – 23 pgs (1992)   6.00